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I am a learned vaastu expert from South India, and am well-versed in various Indian Scriptures like the Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads. My experience revolves a
His Assets

Understands Psychology
The art of Hypnotherapy is used to understand and solve the behavioural patterns in people. This helps in removing deep seated fears and phobias and other problems. The origin of deep seated problems, personality traits could be in the previous incarnation of a person and for this hynosis is used for past life regression. As the subconscious mind is a link between the present and the past lives, tapping the subconscious mind is also essential. He has received qualification and training in Past Life Regression Therapy, and talking to subconscious and spirit release from the California Hypnosis institute, California, USA. He has done Clinical Hynotherapy from the California Hypnosis institute, California, USA. He only uses this therapy to solve problems after vaastu defects are removed.

Helps Control Yourself
He runs specialised courses for corporate houses in Self Hynosis, Stress Management, Prosperity Development and Global Achievement. Through these courses he has brought greater effeciency, increased productivity and turnover, quality service and stress-free atmosphere to many organisations. He also provides courses in 'Sex, communication and happiness', and especially for NRI's, 'Secrets of Vedic culture'.

Balance Energy
Energy cleansing helps in getting rid of negative or bad vibrations or in other words evil spirits and fill the space with positive and harmonious ones. We will like to have a place where we feel comfortable and relaxed and a home is such a place. But due to the presence of negative vibrations the place may not give peace and tranquilly, therefore energy clearance is required. Dr Puneet Chawla is an adept in this field. He holds an MBBS degree,as a doctor in Alternative Medicine, from the Institute of Alternative Medicine and Research, Kolkata(India). He has also undertaken courses in energy healing such as Panic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, and Crystal Therapy from the World Pranic Healing Foundation Inc., Manila, Philippines.

His Miscellaneous Achivements
Dr Puneet Chawla's weekly columns and innumerable write-ups on Vaastu-related issues in national newspaper supplements like 'What's Hot'(Times of India), and 'HT City'(Hindustan Times), have created a large readers base. He appears in regular Live Television show in one of the country's leading News Channel 'LIVE INDIA'. This is a one hour show and creates lot of TRP for the program. This show is telecasted directly on Saturdays and Sundays. Apart from this programme he keeps appearing on various other TV-channels like Aastha TV, Sadhana TV, etc from time to time.

His Dreams
He is a visionary and dreams of harmonious peaeful and happier world. For realising his dreams he is professionally dedicated to serving the society, Dr Chawla believes that problems and achievement's in ones life are subject to destiny, Karmic effects and environmental conditions (vaastu). In order to enjoy a happy and easy life, one can manipulate these three conditions, and control and guide his/her fortune.
I am a learned vaastu expert from South India, and am well-versed in various Indian Scriptures like the Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads. My experience revolves around the ancient sciene of architecture popularly known as Vaastu.

This great Indian science is based on the influene of the directions, elements of nature and cosmic forces on the premises.The wonderful principles of this great science provide methods to harmoniously balance thsese influences in order to fill the premises with harmony, peace, health and prosperity for the dwellers.

Many consultants suggest demolishing the defective portions of a building but this is not very practical and involves enormous expenses. I use Colour Therapy, Pyramidology, some Metals, Crystals & Energising Therapies to rectify vaastu defects without any demolition."


Happiness is of two types, one is transient happiness and the other is long lasting happiness, we can call the later as true happiness.We come across many people who seem to be full of energy, have a wide circle of friends and are always on a move. They want change and action and give an impression that they are very happy. But their happiness is onl y transient, very short lived and conditional. In their hearts they are always dissatisfied, far from true happiness. True happiness is a great blessing and brings contentment and satisfaction. These are four belief systems which keep true appiness at bay.

BELIEF SYSTEM NO. 1 : 'The things which i dont havge are better than what i have'- You believe that what the other person has much better than what you have. The fact is that 'the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence'.

BELIEF SYSTEM NO. 2 : 'More is better'- We believe that more is better. No matter how much we have you think having still more is better and this belief makes you unhappy.

BELIEF SYSTEM NO. 3 : 'I shall be happy only if i get what i want'- by such a belief you make your happiness conditional. When you get what you want then instead of feeling contend and happy you set another goal and connect your happiness with that.

BELIEF SYSTEM NO. 4 : 'I shall be happy only if the other person is behaving and as i expect'- By such a thinking you make your happiness unstable. We are always dependent on others, if people around us do not lsten we are bothered. One needs to have unbound faith in God's compassion and His mysterious ways of help. In Shaloka 47, Chapter 2 of Srimad Bhagwad Gita Lord Krishna says: 'Karmani-vaadhika-rastey ma phaleshu kadachan ma karmphal-hetur-bhoorma te sango-astav-karmani' Through this shaloka the Lord commands, 'Thy business is with action only and never with its fruits therefore,let not the fruits of your actions be thy motive. Also do not get attached to inaction.' So my best advice is that when you face any problem or difficult situation then follow the available solutions within our culture, I can only be a guide, do your part well by taking an appropiate and timely action and leave the results to God.


He holds a prestigious position of a reognised author due to his first book, 'Vaastu-Secrets for a Better Life', published by the Times Group Books (A company of Times of India Group). This is a highly appreciated book byreaders, and has surpassed all sales records in vaastu books.

His forthcoming books from various publishers embracing intresting topics from Indian Mythology, Vedic Culture, Crystal etc. will soon be available.

The Second book is Hindu Beliefs & Rituals by Times of India: Ever wondered why the Tulsi is an integral part of every Hindu household?. Why is a simple stone worshipped as a deity by millions in India?. What are the facts behind the beliefs and rituals that make up the spiritual aspect of our life?. This book unearths all such questions. It gives logical explanations about traditions that have developed over centuries. Through this book Dr.Chawla aims to prove that traditions can never be irrational and we have to immortalize our traditions by linking them to pratical, day to day existence. This book attempts to popularize Indian traditions both among the young generation as well as Indians living abroad.

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