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Leo and Libra Love Compatibility

Leo and Libra Love Compatibility

The scrumptious concoction of Libra, the Scales, and Leo the Lion, is deliciously tasty! Libra is the focal point of elegance in the zodiac. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and sensual delight, Libra seeks relationship with an avid fascination. Libra lives for love — and style! Leo is bold, bright and full of good spirits. Intimacy and passion run deep between Leo and Libra. Both share similar attributes making their relationship full of satisfaction and fulfillment. 

Leo plays the role of the leader, whereas Libra will be Leo's source of inspiration and life. Leo finds it charming how Libra thinks of them as a true king whereas Libra's encouraging ways to give constant attention and compliments simply makes Leo fall head over heels all the time. 

Both have a common goal, and that is to make each other happy. Libra sees past Leo's self-centered and bossy attitude. They understand that this is the lion's only way to feel secured and loved. Therefore, they do not mind being bossed around if it is the only way to make their Leo satisfied and happy. 

Leo Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

A Leo man has a nature which compels him to rule and look after someone and when he has someone to look after, he does his work in the best possible way. A Libra woman suits a Leo man because she has the ability to express herself to others and never sound as if she were trying to dominate and control others. She feels safety and security with a Leo man who loves her and she loves his ways. There are little conflicts that Libra woman can have with a Leo man in routine life like a Leo man does not consider any of her shopping to be worthwhile which can be a sad thing for woman.

Leo Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

This is a perfect combination for romantic love. The Leo woman always understands and respects love expression. For her, roses and romantic dinners are miracles. The Libra man is tasteful though he lacks a little subtleness. He also respects his lover as well as her romance. However,male Libras don’t express all his attention to the lover since he regards it as a way to show his self-esteem.

In love, she wants to be adored and attended to like she’s the only person in existence.  This woman expects to be treated in the same way she treats her partner.  Love, respect and trust are key factors in all her relationships.  She falls for men who admire her explicitly. While a man who will treat her like a queen and prove his love beyond doubt will capture her heart.

Leo and Libra Compatibility

Relationships between Leo and Libra, seem to enjoy an unusually high long-term success rate. Most likely this is due to their strong bond of friendship, which continues well beyond the point when the sexual chemistry between the two individuals is starting to wane.

Both being dedicated party animals, Leo and Libra share the same gregarious, pleasure-loving approach to life, which makes for a lot of fun. Socially, Leo and Libra work brilliantly together, both having excellent people skills and being blessed with an equal measure of warmth and charm. With the flamboyant Lion's flair for performing, and smooth Libra's schmoozing skills, a Leo-Libra couple make great networkers and hosts.

Of course, Leo and Libra are also quite unalike in that while Leo is a compulsive achiever, Libra tends to be a lot more laid back; and whereas Leo’s strong point is its fixity of purpose (and its weak point its inflexibility!),Libra is much more accommodating (but with a tendency also to be rather indecisive!). However, because these traits balance each other well, Leo and Libra have the potential to be a highly successful team.

Leo & Libra Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

When a Leo and a Libra come together, they don’t need much time to build up a healthy sex life. With Leo’s confidence, and Libra’s sexuality, they tend to inspire each other to become great lovers when  together. Their sex life is usually filled with respect, and they feel free to try out new things with one another. If they found their relationship on a strong mutual attraction, they could enjoy a satisfying sex life for a very long time.


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