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Consult Vaastu and Vastu Shastra Experts to remove the Vastu Defects.

Vastu Readings and Remedies

Vastu is based on the principle of controlling - “Positive forces” and "Negative forces” for any building, house, commercial or business place and in turn helps people to live happily and enervated. Vaastu helps in maintaining harmony with 5 basic elements of universe which are Fire, Sky, Water, Earth, & Wind. So instead of blaming your luck & destiny, consult Vaastu Expert for leading the life full of happiness, wealth, health, success in married life & relationships etc.

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Mystic Sikh – Master Clairvoyant Psychic, I gift you Accurate Exact Fortune telling! Feel clearer about your present and future. Know what tomorrow will bring!
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Through Parashar Vedic astrology, providing accurate future prediction with easy result oriented remedies from last 23 yrs for relationships, career and other problems in life
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Accurate Advice, proper guidance and effective solutions – Helpful and Compassionate Expert of Vedic Astrology, Numerology and Vastu. Honored by Jyotish Maharishi.
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Specialization in Vedic Astrology,Numerology and Vastushastra.
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Ask Questions : 1-3 days
Consult me for your vastu needs for home, commercial property, color therapy. My suggestions will help you in removing the vastu-defects.
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I am 3rd generation Astrologer & Vastu Expert with experience over 30 years My tips are result oriented and leads to integration of Mind - Body and Soul
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I bring a blend of Fengshui & Vastu in my consultations . My suggestions and tips help to enhance the prosperity & well being for the person seeking consultation.
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World Renowned Astrologer, Palmist, Face reader,Numerologist, Vastu expert and Spiritual guide.
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Vastu is a vedic science. By adopting the principals of Vastu any body can bring remarkable positive changes in his life.
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From Career, Financial, relationship Reading to Emotional & physical healing & Numerology and Vastu based remedies, I am here to guide and support you in all areas
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Vastu i a science about how to use the natural powers to make our life better. I Vedic Astrology and Vastu techniques to provide you better guidance and easy solutions to your problems.
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