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Numerology Predictions for Lucky & Life Path Number 2

Numerology Predictions for Lucky & Life Path Number 2

A number two person is gentle in nature. He is idealistic and imaginative, although his ideas are mostly fanciful and very rarely pragmatic. A number 2 person can indulge in his fancies to an extent to fit into the lofty world of fancies that he has built for himself. A number 2 person is romantic. Being inventive by nature, a certain amount of inventiveness comes into his romance as well. It adds new delights to love. His artistic nature does not make him as forceful in carrying out his plans into physical action very well. The number 2 person is also not a physically very strong person.

FINANCE: Number 2 persons are normally lazy. Their creative imagination is not backed by genuine endeavour. There is also a lack of physical stamina to undertake sustained hard work. This means their creativity remains merely bookish and inconsequential.Life demands potent action to back creative imagination.

The Hindus believe in the philosophy of Karma, which means,or ought to mean, a combination of creativity and functionality. Take one away and life becomes an apology. This is most relevant for number 2 persons. This leads to no more than average wealth. This can improve if they create art out of their imagination. Their inability to do routine work brings about uncertainty in wealth. They would do well to focus on mundane, day to day activities as well; otherwise they would face financial difficulties.

CAREER: Number 2 people thrive where there is creativity and a sense of balance. They do well in creative careers. Music, painting, art of many kinds and writing fiction, poetry, or plays are all worth while endeavors for a number 2 personality.

LOVE &RELATIONSHIPS: Life path number 2 – is romantic, and, for both men and women. The friendly and able to respect others, they are ready for the greatest sacrifices, to make happy the man whom they love. Unfortunately, the quality and the great tolerance and even compromise, lead to the fact that people with such vibration can easily get under someone else’s influence, and allow themselves to be used. If you want to save Deuce happiness and harmony in marriage, they need to see the world more clearly and learn to control their excessive sensibility, or their loved ones will have to constantly make sure that you do not accidentally hurt their feelings.

HEALTH: Number 2 persons are easily susceptible to catch contagious diseases. They must stay away from people suffering form them. They must ensure they are properly vaccinated. They must ensure regular exercise. A thirty minute brisk walk every morning would benefit them considerably. They can also walk in the evening if a morning walk is not possible. They must remember what the Rig-Veda says“Intellect should always be given prominence over emotions”. Number 2 persons must avoid undue mental strain.

Element: Water (Feelings & Emotions)
Planet : Moon
Best Day : Monday
Gem Stone : Pearl
Colors : Cream, Green and white family

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