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Acharya Sharma - Online Psychic | Umastro

Contact me for detailed analysis based on birth chart for child and health readings, career, business & finance, love & relationships and remedial measures to get rid of problems in life.
I have got more than 15 years of experience and gone through lot of birth charts to analyse the problems and reasons for the problems.
I have got more than 15 years of practical experience in Vedic astrology.
Vedic Jyotish system helps resolve problems concerning health, diseases, sufferings, longevity, income, wealth, profession, honor, security, progeny, spouse, well being , growth, unforeseen events, mishaps and spirituality, relationships and love life. I am having the Experience of more than 15 years into astrology, vedic astrology and principles of vaastu.

Consult me for guidance on career, job, health, love and relationships, business and finances, marriage issues -pre marital and post marital issues. There are some stages in life which keep us confused about the reasons for problems. Let me help you in finding out the reasons.

My analysis ranges from:

Problems in Life: Peron's life and the events happen in his or her life are controlled by many factors which are beyond one's own control which always keep us perplexed and confused about the reasons. I will help you in systematically understanding the reasons using some analysis and tools in correlation with your birth charts.

Health issues : The issues which crop up during the various life stages of an individual. Sometimes the reasons for the cropping up of diseases are beyond the scientific reasons. Lets understand, these reasons cannot be ignored which are based on some astrological principles. Sometimes the person is down with the disease because of planetary afflictions. So till the time we won't understand the planetary reasons, how can we go into speedy recovery.

Love & Relationships : If you are facing any problems in your love life, you can consult me for the same.

Career and Job Forecasting: You can contact me for career and job forecasting and the remedial measures which you can take as per Vedic astrology stream which can help you in boosting your career.

Premarital astrology.
Post Marital Relationships and Issues.
Other issues
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