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Shalliza Lama - Online Psychic | Umastro

Soul in me greets the Soul in you.God has given me extraordinary gifts which I want to use for the well being of mankind. Contact me for simple and practical solutions on any facet of life.
Professional training with top experts in the field of Hypnotherapy, Angelic Soul Retrieval, Spiritual Dowsing, Channelling, Usui Reiki, Mediumship, Angel Card Reading, Crystal Healing, DNA Activation and Clearing houses, business and individuals of Spirits and other energies.
She has many years of experience in providing spiritual counseling and healing to individuals, families and organizations by making use of different healing modalities for achieving an integrated healing for mind, body and Soul.
Shalliza can guide you in your quest for spiritual knowledge and also provide accurate answers to all questions pertaining to the physical world as well. Contact her for guidance on any issue, be it love life, career, finance, relationships, marriage or if you wish to make contact with departed loved ones. The solutions that she provides are simple, practical and don't involve the need to spend extra money.

She provides the following services through in-person or distance healing and energy work:-

• Psychic Reading
• Spiritual Counselling
• Angelic Healing
• Angel Card Reading
• Messages from ones Higher Self, Angels & Spirit Guides
• Identifying Metaphysical Origin of Disease
• Angelic Soul Retrieval
• Dream Interpretation Reading
• Inner Child Healing
• Crystal Healing
• Reiki & Pranic Healing
• Chakra Healing and Balancing
• Auric Clearing
• Karmic Clearing
• Subconscious Oaths & Vows Removal
• Curses, Hexes & Black Magic Removal
• Clearing houses, business and individuals of Spirits and foreign energy
• Releasing Spirit attachments
• Cutting Cords of Attachments
• Teaching Usui Reiki (In person only)
• Remote DNA Activation

Use of Clinical hypnotherapy for:-

Healing infertility, Smoking Cessation, Addictions, Fears & Phobias, Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Multiple personality Disorder, Complexes, Grief, Abandonment & Trauma, Stress & Depression, Abuse Issues, Negativism, Relationship Issues, Pain, Anger and Ego Management, Self Esteem, Self Confidence, Bed Wetting, Sexual & behavioural Issues, Skin Disorders, Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Snoring, Stage Frights, Study Issues, Sleep Disorder, Assisting child birth & Identifying Metaphysical Origin of Disease.
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