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Angelic Sarika - Online Psychic | Umastro
I am a natural Psychic healer and a Love and Relationship Expert. I have 20 yrs plus experience in helping people solve their relationship problems, problems related to love lives, money, finances etc
I grew up to be an educator with Masters in Social Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Education. I have not only taught but also counselled schools for many years. As an educator, I helped students reach their highest potential and now I have extended this learning to help my clients. I work with my guides to tune into their energies and auras to assist them in their life's journey. I am an empath and help people take charge of their lives'. I later studied Astrology and Numerology.
I have been working for over 7 years professionally on various psychic sites where I am giving phone, chat and email consultations.
I am an insightful reader who has been intuitive all my life. At a very young age, I could feel that I was more sensitive to the energies and feelings of all living beings. I am predominantly a clairvoyant, meaning that I receive messages in very vivid picture form but also hear (clairaudient) and feel (clairsentient). It like an all- encompassing experience of sound, sight and emotions. This really got strong when I was 12 yrs. of age. I used to get messages and images everywhere! I am in control of things now and am very discerning about where, with whom and when I do my work. Over the years I have used my gifts of Empathy, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience to help people make right decisions and gain clarity in their lives. I am also a astrologer and a numerologist and use tools and techniques like Chakra Cleansing, Dream Interpretation, Picture Reading and Spiritual Healing. I help in Karmic cord cutting and help people get over the Karmic connections. I guide my clients to Self love and offer guidance at all stages of their dating life. I also specialize in Same Sex Relationships. I am able to reunite lovers and Save relationships. I am able to detect cheating partners and help them navigate their way through their relationships. My reading style as Direct, Compassionate and Inspirational. I am always positive and honest about what I see. I believe in empowering my clients and amplifying their own powers by helping them gain insight about their life situation and guiding them through it. I have an extensive back ground in dealing with crises situations and working with individuals going through extreme emotional turmoil. I believe in Karma(actions) and enjoy most when they are able to make clear and informed choices, take positive decisions and get on a path of true happiness. I enjoy when I am able to make a difference to their lives and they express their gratitude .I read fast, honestly and with no sugar coated answers. I do not like when the client is just coming for validation and is not able to analyse his/her current situation, is not ready to hear the truth and does not want to make changes in his/her perspective and is resistant to move on with life. I see what future holds for him but cannot control if the client does not come with an open mind. When my advice and readings resonate with my clients, I feel a sense of achievement and it is priceless! . I specialize in: - Love & Relationship - Soulmate Connections - Reuniting loved ones - Breaking up & Divorce - Cheating & affairs - Single & Dating - Same Sex Relationships - Intimacy - Career - Family - Past Life - Clairvoyant - Astrology - Twin Flames - Dream Interpretation - Numerology
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