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Nita Mehta - Online Psychic | Umastro

I believe tarot cards are not only a tool for predictions, but a therapy. The seeker is given options to change the negatives into positives , improving their lives.
Tarot Card Reading. Astrology. Numerology. Reiki Healing Theta Healing
My first set of cards came to me in the late ninetys... and as i meditated with them, i felt this is what i connect to . Even though i have trained as an astrologer, it was the cards that gave me answers both for me as well as my clients. Please visit my website www.nitamehtatarot.com
The cards a re a great tool for guidance. Often one is confused while making an important decision in their life regarding career, relationships or business , and the cards can help you take that decision. Sometimes a choice has to be made, and the cards can show the pros and cons of both options... helping in the decision making. The cards help to look at any situation in life with clarity.
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