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Dr Ram Sharma - Online Psychic | Umastro
Helping people to succeed in love life, marriage, education, business, health, career etc for the last 35 years using principles of vedic astrology which had quite a positive impact on their lives.
B.Sc. from Delhi University and also M.B.A. and double Ph. D. With his utmost dedication, Guruji Ram Sharma is helping people to succeed in all the spheres of life for from the last 35 years.
Astrology is a vast science/art, which has far reaching repercussions in the lives of people all over. The challenges facing people today are so humungous that available solutions to cope with the same are becoming difficult to obtain. Astrology is not only equipped to recognize these conditions but also actively participate in helping others to successfully tide over trying times. I am practising astrology since long and has been instrumental in offering solutions based on vedic astrology to many people which helped them in alleviating their sufferings.

Ever since human beings emerged on the mother earth, they have been curious to know about their future. They have always been wanting to solve problems one after the other and improvise their life, create happiness, satisfaction and better future. Adi Shankracharya says in Bhaja-Govindam Shloka 10, “What is the use of good objects of enjoyments when youth has gone? What is the use of lake which has no water? Where are the love and relations when the wealth is gone?”

Further, in this world, there are endless setbacks, strokes of bad luck, mishaps, misfortunes, ordeals, adversities, trials, turmoil and tribulations etc. In the ‘Journal of cognitive Neuroscience’, researchers reported that in response to unfortunate misfortunes, negative stimuli wherein many parts of brain exhibit greater activities, anxiety, tension, diseases, psychosomatic disorders. Leading to vicious cycles of failures, misfortunes and diseases etc.

We must know that our body is extremely fragile and yet has to face many uphill tasks, adverse, difficult and even damaging situations/people. Inasmuch as strong the body may be, even a mosquito can kill you and so even the tiny problems which grow into major problems, if uncared and unsolved in time. Adi Shankracharya says in Bhaja-Govindam Shloka 4, “Life of man is as uncertain as the rain drops on a lotus leaf, know that the whole world remains a prey to disease, ego and grief”.

Sant Tulsidas said, “Shame and shame on the one who is engrossed in, eating, drinking and wasting time but keeps on delaying the doable activities for success. Even for his own welfare.

Too many of you have only a wish to change your circumstances, without right remedial actions. Even a greater part of life is wasted in cursing, blaming or hearing like a robot but remain indecisive and apathetic towards deeper message that you are not made for facing failures, imbalanced life, but for success and fulfilment. Be ready to reborn. Life has best in store for all and is ready to offer too.

On the other hand, there are very successful people, even luminaries who have progressed without resources and with little academics. They could build huge empires and image. In fact academics and classics of management are built around them and even inspired from their life. You need to do the rightful things at the right time and even at the wrong times.

Time or Life is slipping away from our hands every moment. An Upanishadic verse says, it is not time which has passed, it is we who are passing and it is we who are dying, from moment to moment. For the awakened, each moment is an opportunity to change volatile situations and rise in life.

One must visualise as to, what would be one’s life without whatever we have, what we deserve and our essential requirements. To many a people life has become a bundle of inhuman experiences, failures, rejections, humiliations etc. Their aspirations get blocked, happiness turns into pain, stress, confusion, tensions, depression, indecisiveness etc. Learn to delegate objectives, vision and the bigger picture to your mind in a time frame. The universal laws of nature, the power of cosmic energy, celestial planets/devatas can be used to reshape your new world for greater success, happiness, satisfaction, happiness and fulfilment.
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