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Astrology and the Law of Karma

Astrology and the Law of Karma

The word karma literally means action and refers to the entirety of the soul’s actions. If we are considering the bigger picture,any one of our incarnations or lifetimes, is but a small portion of the totality of all actions within all of our lifetimes. In one sense then, this shortness of life reflects one of the felt reasons why it is so hard to come to terms with, or heal our suffering: this karma that we have accumulated over many lifetimes. These patterns of behavior that manifest out of the seeds of our karma seem to be entrenched in consciousness and can be said to be habitual.

According to vedic thoughts, each time your soul leaves the body, it is judged within 48 days and then goes on to take another birth. This cycle will continue, until you get tired of running after possessions and material success.
You then start investigating the purpose of life and then seek a Master or a God/Goddess or Yogi to find out more.
This will lead you to salvation, which is the end of the repeated cycles of life and death.

What Astrology Tells about Your Karma

Astrology defines each individual as a combination of energies, which can be specifically identified from the person’s natal chart.This chart is actually a depiction of the kind of life a person is entitled to have based on his/her karma.

The planets in your natal chart are carriers of the good and bad vibrations you experience in terms of good and bad outcomes in different aspects of life. You enjoy karmic rewards in the form of happiness, success,and fortune; karmic punishment materializes in the form of limitations and failures.

The Vedas list 4 different types of karma that humans are subject to through the cycles of birth and death. These are:-

Sanchita – The sum total of all the past karmas.

Prarabdha – Those among the past karmas which have matured enough to be experienced in the current life. (Not all our past karmas from previous lives can be experienced in a single lifetime)

Kriyamana- The present karmas which affect either the Prarabdha karma or the future. For example if a person has a disease, which is a result of Prarabdha, and they cure the disease, they will be performing Kriyamana.

Agama – Our thought patterns and desires which effect the karmas for the future.

The Vedas say that only beings on planets like Earth (middle planets in our planetary system) are able to change the Karma and influence the future. Our planet is like an airdrome from where one can take off to the spiritual worlds where the chain of births and deaths, reincarnations, and suffering ends. That is impossible on higher planets with their very high level of material living standards and recreation possibilities. Beings that didn’t do any harm to anyone in their past lives but didn’t have any spiritual desires(aspirations) live on these heavenly planets. As soon as their good karma ends,they are born on a middle planet again until they discover their true self and reunite with Creator. On the lower planets, where is mainly suffering, entities have to redeem their past actions and then ascend to middle planets again.Thousands of lives can pass until one will break the chain of births.

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