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Remedies for Early Marriage for Manglik

Remedies for Early Marriage for Manglik

In Vedic astrology, the Mangal dosha is considered to be a serious astrological condition that affects a person's life, marriage and only brings misfortune. It is also known as the Kuja dosha, Bhom dosha or Angrakha dosha.

Mangal dosha or kuja dosha or chovva dosha is a celestial mix that happens if Mars (Mangal) is present in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth place of the ascendant birth chart or horoscope. A person with mangal dosha in his natal chart is called Manglik. Mars when it is positioned in any of the mentioned houses, believed to be unfavorable for marriages and it leads to tensions, disharmony, dissatisfaction and disasters in married life.

What are the effects of Manglik Dosha ?

  • The most common effect of Manglik dosha is - Delay in Marriage.
  • Manglik dosha causes the marriage to be solemnized as late as at the age of 34 years, 38 years and even in 40s.
  • Apart from this if a manglik boy/girl is married to a non-manglik spouse then the event of death or severe accidents have been witnessed by many couples which lead to death, permanent disability of the non-manglik spouse.

Remedies for early marriage for Mangalik:

Marriage between Mangliks: Marriage between two Mangliks nullifies the ill-effects of the planet. So it is said that Manglik should marry a Manglik to have well balanced married life.

Kumbh Vivah: Ritualistically the mangalik should first marry a banana tree, peepal tree or a silver / gold idol of Lord Vishnu. Once this ritual gets organised, the ill effect of Mangal Dosha gets reduced by a large extent. 

Fasting on Tuesdays: Fasting on Tuesdays also brings down the ill-effects of Manglik dosha. During the fast, the Mangliks are only supposed to eat Toor dal (split-pigeon gram).

Performing poojas in temples: Visiting Navagraha temple mitigates the negativity caused by mangal dosha. Performig poojas and visiting Lord Hanuman temples on Tuesdays are effective ways of mitigating the ill-effects of mangal dosha.

Navgrah Mantra:   Chanting navagraha mantra  on Tuesdays also bring favorable results for the Mangliks.

Hanuman Chalisa:   Chanting Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays also bring favorable results for the Mangliks.

Red Coral studded gold ring:  Astrologers also prescribe Mangliks to wear red coral studded gold ring on the ring finger of the right hand.

Marriage after 28: A mangalik is advised to get married after the age of 28 because the intensity of the dosha comes down with age.

Offerings: Certain things like sword and knife are offered to propitiate Mars. Besides Foods like lenthil Daal, wheat bread, red silk and red stones are offered to Mars as an act of pacification. 

Remedies especially for Girls for Mangal Dosha:

  • Girl should do Abhisheka for Shiva Linga.
  • Girl should chant regularly ‘Om Namo Narayana’
  • Girl’s parent should perform Narayana Pooja for delay marriage
  • Girl should fast on Mondays for 16 consecutive Mondays, and Pray to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
  • Girl must tie knot between Shiva & Parvati and must pray for early marriage
  • Girl should read verses related to the marriage of Shiva and Parvati in Balkand of Ramcharita manas.

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