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Feng Shui Gifts for Loved Ones

Feng Shui Gifts for Loved Ones

Using the principle of creating positive aura, there are various gifts based on Feng Shui which can be given to Loved ones to beautifully enhance the relationships. These gifts can range from candles to plants and all of them will result in bringing a positive energy and balance to the lives of the people you gift them to.

Knowing the benefits of all the gifts that you could potentially gift would make the gifts more meaningful. Let’s take a look at Feng Shui gifts for men, feng shui for women and some for couples.

  • Feng Shui books: Books can be wonderful gifts because you are passing on something that is valuable. Any man interested in feng shui would love to learn more about it and books are pretty much uni sexual gifts. So not only are they good Feng Shui gifts for men, they are also amazing Feng Shui gifts for women! These books are easily available and they will help people put together their own feng shui home, the way they want to. Since men can be quite nit picky about what they want in their house,this might be the safest idea to get some feng shui into their lives. 
  • Rose Quartz Hearts: Rose quartz hearts are great gifts to those who are in need of boosting their relationship luck. The crystals bring good chi and energy for attracting and maintaining love relationships. It also contains great healing energy for those who are seeking happiness and mending a broken heart. They should be placed in the southwest. 
  • Portrait of Mountains: I absolutely love nature. Being in it is one of the best ways to boost one’s personal chi whether it be from hiking, bicycling, or other active sport. I especially love bringing nature into my home and office by placing pictures of my favorite mountains. When placed behind one’s back,portraits of mountains make nice gifts since they symbolize support and strong relationships. Also, pictures of mountains with blue hues are particularly great for boosting career or professional luck when placed in the north of the home or office. 
  •  Wu Lou : Wu Lou – a gourd in Feng Shui is believed to bring longevity and good health. So, if anyone in your family or friends is not keeping well, visit them with a Wu Lou and help them recover faster. Available in all sizes, shapes and materials, Wu Lou not only helps to subdue the negative energy in the environment but look great too. 
  • Monkey on Horse: One of my colleagues has a statue of a monkey on the horse and I always used to wonder what exactly it means. Well, now I know that such monkey on horse statues are great for those who are seeking a career in a difficult corporate environment. Also, in Chinese, the phrase Monkey on Horse phonetically translates to “promotion is coming quickly”.

  • Feng Shui candles: Women just love candles, especially when they are scented. They can be very soothing and really calm a person’s nerves. Candles, in feng shui, also represent nature because they are symbolic of life- giving sunlight. They are believed to cleanse the aura around a house by destroying negative energy. They are spiritual and a beautiful way of decorating a house and providing it with more energy and warmth. Your women friends would really appreciate this gift.
  • Tortoise: Turtles and tortoises are associated with longevity, good health, good fortune, and career success. Gift a tortoise or dragon tortoise statue and have the gift recipient simply place the statue in a location that is in harmony with the materials and colors of the statue. For example, a bronze dragon tortoise can be placed in the north to boost career luck.
  • Wind Chimes with half-moon wood base: As with coins tree, wind chimes with a half-moon wood base are also a popular Feng Shui wealth cure. So visit the nearest Feng Shui store and get an attractive metal wind chime with wood base and Chinese coins.


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