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Feng Shui Tips for a Successful Married Life

Feng Shui Tips for a Successful Married Life

Marriage is a special relationship, different from any other close relationship you will have during your lifetime. It needs a lot of work and special attention or the two of you will grow apart and the result could be divorce or, at the least, a troubled and stressful marriage relationship. There is a broad range of advice in feng shui that you could follow to enhance your marriage, but if you do not have a lot of time or a big budget to make big changes to your home, here are 5 quick, easy Feng Shui tips to bring a happy married life into your homes:

Get rid of black and blue in the bedroom - In fact, totally minimize the appearance of the water element through out the master bedroom to avoid tears in the relationship.Use a very small representation of water to balance the elements but focus more on passion instead, since this is the emotion that makes a marriage strong and healthy. Accessories, artwork, and accents that give off strong vibes of sexual energy and romance are perfect for the master bedroom.

Bedroom and the right bed - Feng Shui believes the bed room to be a highly intimate zone for couples and thus strongly advises to keep the bed room doors shut while the couple is asleep. This is important to keep harmful external influences away from their personal life.

Feng Shui believes that getting the right bed for the bedroom is of utmost importance for married couples. The bed is the place where these couples connect most intimately and hence it is very vital to select and correctly placed it in the bedroom. A decent sized bed, i.e neither too small nor too large, should be selected for the bedroom. King sized beds are believed to push couples apart according to Feng Shui. The bed should be located in such a manner that it is easily accessible from every direction. This encourages flow of positive energy in the room.

The bed should never be placed in a cramped corner of the room and neither directly under beams or ceiling fans as this can build ripples in the energy thereby increase stress and pressure in the lives of the natives.Sleeping with their feet pointed towards the door should also be strongly avoided by the couple. Under bed storage arrangements and mirrors on either side of the bed should be completely avoided.

Display pictures of you and your partner – Inside your bedroom, you should limit the pictures showing people other than you and your partner. As much as possible, keep your private space only for yourselves.This is to keep your minds off things which are outside the boundaries of your relationship; remember, your bedroom should only reflect a relationship between two married people.

No water bodies - One of the most important tips for feng shui for romance would be to avoid water bodies in the room. This does not necessarily mean a water fall. Even a small fountain or even an aquarium would be a bad idea inside a bedroom. Having water bodies is really not a sign of good fengshui for love.

Remove the television - You should certainly not keep a television or a radio inside the bedroom. This is also a disruptive force and it can really draw attention away from the more important things. There are some feng shui theories that even state that having a television in your bedroom is like an invite for a third party to come into this relationship.

Greenery- Greenery can be really handy as a tip for feng shui for love. Flowers have always been symbols of love, beauty and life and it would be beneficial for you to have flowers in the bedroom or even the house. Keep the flowers in the southwest corner as much as you can.

Use groups of two whenever possible - You do not need two beds obviously, but pairs of two represent the marriage couple (or couple who lives together) and they are great reminders and encourage positive energy. Most people choose candles and similar romantic items in pairs of two throughout the room, but other ideas include turtledove figurines, pairs of lamps or nightstands, matching wall sconces, and groups of even-numbered artwork types on the shelves or walls. Whenever two is inappropriate for whatever reason, try to use an even number as an alternative.

Feng shui symbols for married couples

  1. The two Eights: The symbol of two-eights, again, symbolizes eternity. This is a good representation for love, for it can represent love that is undying and eternal, the kind of love every marriage should have. It is a powerful feng shui symbol that can bring a lot of harmony and peace to the house.
  2. Pictures: Pictures can be used to symbolize strong aspects of feng shui as well. Hang pictures of the two love birds or something romantic, so that the element of romance will be seeped into your house and hence, your life as well.
  3. Mandarin ducks: Mandarin ducks are the Chinese feng shui symbols for love. They come in twos, they are love birds and they can certainly enhance the romance aspect of the house.


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