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Mangla Gauri Puja for Delay in Marriage

Mangla Gauri Puja for Delay in Marriage

“A person who wants a good wife prays to God to bestow him with a beautiful wife, who would help him to perform the duties of life in a proper way, who would always engage him constructively.” Similarly this puja can be performed by the girl to get rid of any delay in marriage. This puja can also help the married couples facing problems in married life to get rid of the probelms.

A successful marriage depends on two things: finding the right person and being the right person. Marriage is not just coming together of two individuals. There is much more to it. To sustain a marriage it is important that there is effort from both sides than only a marriage can carry on.It is important to find the right person at the right time. It is not only important for girls to get married to the right person but it is equally important for a person to find one.

It is important to remember God when we are making an important decision of our life. A person who wants to have a good married life and a suitable life partner prays to Mangla Gauri to help him find a good match so, that he will find someone who would always be with him during his ups and downs.

Mangal Gauri Puja and Yajna is done for early marriage and for finding a suitable life partner. For solving difficulties related to delayed marriage, marital problems and Mangala Dosha this is one of the most prescribed pujas. Devi is worshiped as Mangala Gauri and pooja performed with shodasopacharas and namavali pooja. Mangal Gauri puja is generally done to achieve early marriage and for finding a suitable and compatible life partner.

Puja Process

In this puja, you can begin by chanting Ganpati avahan mantra, avahan of Mangla Gauri and all major deities. It should be followed by listening to the story of Maa Parvati, aarti of the powerful goddess, pushpaanjali and Homa.

While performing this puja, women dress like a traditional married woman and wear bangles, flowers, mangalsutra so that they can convey to Maa Parvati that they wish to be like this for their entire lives.

Key Benefits

When you perform the Mangla Gauri puja as per the rituals,you will attain the following benefits:

·        You will get married early

·        Your married life will be blissful

·        You will get rid of all issues pertaining to your married life

·        Blood-related diseases will be cured

·        You will win over all your enemies

·        Any law related issues would be resolved amicably

·        You will get rid of all the loans and flourish financially

·        The negative impact of planet mars would be reduced

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