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Astrology, Horoscope & Tarot Articles by Umastro - Page 2

The feelings and emotions of nurturing a beautiful soul in your womb is the most precious one, ever felt by the females. Deli..

Rudra Puja is an ancient practice followed in India since time immemorial. ‘Rudra’ means ‘Shiva - the Benevolent', ' the Dest..

Lord Rama is the symbol of chivalry and virtue. As praised by, Swami Vivekananda – Lord Rama is "the embodiment of truth, of ..

Marriage is considered as an auspicious event in life and most people wish to lead a happy married life. Some may face proble..

Marriage happens to be the most beautiful occasion of an individual’s life. Rather than being just a social norm, marriage ma..

Radha and Krishna are the eternal divine lovers who symbolise the peak of Divine Bliss.  Lord Krishna himself is the best rep..

Kuber is the Hindu god for wealth, money and riches. He is the king of all Yakshas. He is the chief treasurer of the heavens ..

According to Vedic Astrology, Laksmi Kubera Puja is responsible for gaining prosperity and wealth. The puja helps in fast rec..

How the planets are placed in one's horoscope at the time of birth determines the good and bad effects of one's life and the ..

Kasht Nivaran Puja is a must to get relief from any problem related to wealth, relationship, peace at home, job or business. ..

Black Magic Removal Puja's  primary purpose is to remove various kinds of problems and obstacles from a person's life for whi..

As one would know, in Vedic Astrology the importance of Lord Saturn has been mentioned repeatedly. There are many evidences w..

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