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Manisha Koushik - Online Psychic | Umastro

I will help you in knowing various facets of life be it career, relationships, marriage, finances etc. using the planetary placements and transitional states.
Manisha is a B.Tech in Electronics & Communication and an MBA from the prestigious University of Sheffield, UK. She has been professionally trained by world renowned celebrity astrologer with The Hindustan Times & Star News Fame Astrologer Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma in the field of Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Name Therapy, Vastu & Fengshui.
I have been practicing Name Therapy/ Nameology, Astro - Tarot, Numerology, Vastu _ fengshui for over 10 yrs now. My experiences grew in quantity as well as quality while learning from my Father's huge fan following. Ever since these years, each day I would take up a fresh case study and share my views with my father who is an expert in this field and this in turn gave me immense confidence to come up with predictions which i feel is just right for the people who come to me for consultations.
Manisha Koushik is the talented daughter and an associate of the world renowned celebrity astrologer Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma. She is blessed with the gift of clairvoyance and strong intuitions right from the childhood. Her knowledge and interest in the field of occult sciences kept growing while looking at her father guiding the right path to many people on a daily basis.

Following the footsteps of her father, she acquired a degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering and went on to pursue a Management degree in Integrated Marketing & Communications from The University of Sheffield, UK before jumping into the occult sciences full time in the year 2008.

Tarot Cards always fascinated me and as I started reading them, the clarity and substance this science carries in it drew me close to the accuracy in predictions. A by birth gift of clairvoyance, understanding of the tarot cards and blessings of Maa Kalka helps me connect with people and help them achieve answers of what they have been longing for.

"Astrology has been in the blood. My great grandfather and grandfather had been the leading astrologers of their time and my father is already an internationally acclaimed astrologer; so getting an understanding of this subject wasn’t much of a tough task. My love for Numerology grew when I would see people seeking his advice for specific dates or timings for special occasions. It was even more fascinating how my father would predict the complete date of births of people only while speaking to them."

"Name Therapy is something I have been practicing for over ten years now. My own name was set by my father as per the fundamentals of astro-numero-nameology before my class 10th board exams and the results since then prove the magic this science carries in itself”, says Manisha. Since I started seeing the results this change brought about in me; my curiosity to learn this subject grew even stronger. I would read and read the books lying in our library and jot down each and every point I encountered to be interesting; to my good luck I had a mentor at home who would then answer all my queries arising the right time”, adds Manisha

She has also been assisting Dr. Sharma in various residential and commercial Vastu projects much before her full time venture in this science. Recently she has been guiding people online reading their blue maps and several discussions over the phone. “I bring a blend of Fengshui & Vastu in my consultations . During my practice, I have analyzed that at times solutions with Vastu become rigid for some properties; that is the time where I prefer incorporating some fengshui tips to enhance the prosperity & well being for the person seeking consultation” – Manisha.

She has been appearing on National News Channels like News 24 and IBN7 and has numerous articles in Hindustan Times, Amar Ujala, Oneindia.com, webdunia.com to her credit.

Her very recent predictions include a successful married life for the Indian Cricket Team Captain, M S Dhoni. She also predicted that this marriage will bring in good fortune with respect to career and financial status for him.

Media Presence:

Print Media:
1. She writes a regular weekly column on Vastu – Fengshui in “The Telegraph” newspaper.
2. She writes monthly forecast for “The Expressions” magazine.
3. She writes monthly forecast for the famous wedding magazine “Mehendi”.
4. Many of her articles have been published in Hindustan Times, Amar Ujala & Prabhat Khabar.

Electronic Media:
She has been regularly appearing on channels like Star News, News 24, IBN7, E24 and Delhi Aaj Tak.

Web Media:
1. She is providing her services on various portals .
2. She writes general forecast for portals like www.india-server.com, www.prokerala.com & www.indiatraveltimes.com.
3. She regularly contributes celebrity forecast on www.webdunia.com."
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