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Readings by Manisha Koushik
Readings by Manisha Koushik
Compatibility is much more than just the Gun Milan. The planetary combinations hold great significance when it comesto matching. I understand how important it is to spend the life with Mr. or Mrs. Rig
($ 158.17)
If there is just a particular question in your mind that makes your nights sleepless and you keep on scratching your head to look for an answer for? Do not wait any longer, ask me now and I shall get
($ 89.84)
If you need a friend, a guide, a counsellor who can scroll through your stars and find out what is making you go through a particular situation and you are looking forward for a genuine advice from a
($ 158.17)
Buying anything like a Car, a property, a land, a precious jewellery, to begin with a new venture professionally or personally or may be the most important events in our life like marriage, engagement
($ 139.19)
Order this report to find out whther the name that you use suits you or not? Whether your name begins with the right Alphabet? Are you using the right spellingsin the name? Whether you should use the
($ 189.80)
Order this report to find out whether your mobile number, your house number, flat number, Car Number is lucky for you or not? The numbers around you hold a great significance in life to make you a her
($ 265.73)
This report suggests you the auspicious dates that you should be choosing for your honeymoon based on the complete planetary positions of you as well as your fiance. Honeymoon is a special time in eve
($ 265.73)
Wondering when will a new opportunity fall in your lap? Or worried how a new job change would be for you? Know a possible new direction in employment/work, but not sure on how to proceed? These Seven
($ 265.73)
Do you have some unanswered questions about your love life in your mind? The ten  tarot card spreadhelps you look for those answers and attain clarity of thought that allows you to focus on what exact
($ 265.73)
Whether you are married or heading towards marriage.. you always wish that everything remains just cool and calm on this front. A unique method of Astro -  Numerology and eight spread Tarot reveals an
($ 265.73)
To stay healthy and wealthy is every individual’s secret dream.  You would certainly be interested in this if you wish to know more about your upcoming wealth conditions. This Five cards spread will g
($ 265.73)
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