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Readings by alkaastro
Readings by alkaastro
Want quick answer- so get it here- The Questions will be focused on your specific query and will be replied soon. You can ask from any area of your life which is troubling you. It is very simple and
($ 3.80)
FEATURES: Business/job potential of your birth chart in detail. Critical factors. Predictions of dasha till pratyantardasha level of the year. ? Possibility of promotions or increments within th
($ 25.31)
FEATURES: ? General potential of your birth chart. ? Predictions of dasha till antardasha level of the year. ? Possibility of rise or downfall within the year. ? Relationships at workplace. ? Cha
($ 19.61)
If you want specific reading for short period - even for a month- to know what is going to happen in the next month or that specific month you want! Even more than one months then it is the best guide
($ 7.59)
Business Partnership are like life partners. You don't know how the other person workout in different circumstances. Which field is suitable for which partner? or even how each partner can take out th
($ 31.63)
1. The overall compatibility of the concerned relations together. 2. Potential of the relation. 3. Temperament of both – when away or when together. 4. Expectations from each other. 5. Suggestion
($ 31.63)
Gift your newborn child with the fortune report of his life. It includes general interpretation of the birth chart, the suitable first letter for the name and good and bad times. It also help the pa
($ 31.63)
1. The overall view of the chart regarding love/marital relations. 2. The position of love planets and their effects. 3. The success or disappointment in love. 4. Harmony / Discord [require the bi
($ 25.31)
1. General longevity of partners. 2. Planet and their analysis – on your mutual compatibility. 3. The happenings in the forthcoming year. 4. Comparative analysis of the planets
($ 37.96)
1. Compatibility analysis of Basic Love planets. 2. Ashta koota Milan. 3. Manglik Dosha consideration. [depends on time of birth]. 4. Conclusion
($ 8.22)
Guidelines for parents or students to help them to choose the right stream in education where they can put their effort to achieve the right direction in life. it is very much decisive moment for stud
($ 31.63)
Features of the Year Report: ? Your general reading of the chart according to this year. ? How is this year generally for you – emotionally and materialistically. ? Interpretation of Vimshottari da
($ 25.31)
1. Overall view of the year covering major areas of life. 2. Effect of Mudda Dasha.
($ 18.98)
Overall detail view of the year on the basis of describing the effect of varshaphala lagna, results of panchadhikaris, tripataki, Muntha, munthesh, varshesh, tajik yogas, aspects of sun. Five major sa
($ 31.63)
The relationship between employer and employee is a diplomatic relation where you will find that sometimes both seem to be very much cooperative but the scenes are reversed behind each other’s back. Y
($ 22.14)
Healthy person is feed to combat with any problem of life. If health is lost than everything is lost. So health is important issue in once life. Know about your health in our health report. Our health
($ 25.31)
Major features: Includes description of financial houses. Description of financial planets. Any blockage or auspicious factors. Remedy
($ 18.98)
Major features: Includes description of financial houses. Description of financial planets. One year dasha analysis. Gains/loss. Any blockage or auspicious factors. Suitable areas to invest mone
($ 31.63)
Life is full of many ups and downs. Every chart has good as well as some bad combinations. Even a pauper has a rajayoga and even king has got some blemish in the birth chart. so how they are not effec
($ 18.98)
Major features: Suitable Gemstones. Gemstones that should be avoided. Auspicious time for wearing gemstone. Method of wearing gemstone
($ 13.92)
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