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Readings by Haresh Harry Nathani
This report will give you an insight into Foreign Travel Yog in birth chart. I also provide if the native has any chance of settling in foreign country or will travel to foreign country for pleasure o
($ 19.95)
This report will focus on Share Market Yog & Profitability.I also provide services related to share Market. The share recommendations are given for when to Buy & Sell any share which can give good pro
($ 132.99)
This report will give you the detailed analysis of Doshas and afflictions in your birth chart. I will provide analysis of any dosha's, like Mangal or Kuja dosha, Sarpa Dosha, Kaala Saarpa Dosha, Shrap
($ 39.93)
Let me tell you what the next one year has in store for you. The readings will have a detailed look at your relationships, marriage, career, finance and health for the year ahead. This report could pr
($ 46.52)
This report will give you predictions for 5 years touching the important aspects of your life and will help you in analyzing the periods. These predictions will be prepared for 5 year period and will
($ 66.48)
Number for Mobile phone, new house, Car Registration. You can ask me the Lucky number for any one purpose while subscribing for this service. The report will tell you whether that number will help you
($ 26.65)
Contact me for any suitable name for newly born baby or change of name.I suggest suitable name change or suitable name for newly born babies as per Numerology & Astrology for Name, Fame & Prosperity.
($ 26.65)
Predictive Astrology for analysing suitable profession or business with gemstones as per horoscope with written report. Any native who is going through frequent job change or change of profession spec
($ 33.23)
Predictive Astrology for analyzing any major disease or health issue as per horoscope with written report. I also analyse health or any major medical problems as per medical astrology. We give predici
($ 33.23)
This report will be prepared using Predictive Astrology for analyzing any three questions. One can ask any three questions which can be related to debts, finances, marital issues, court cases etc. I w
($ 39.93)
Predictive Astrology for analysing the entire horoscope with written report & chart with time rectification. Natives who do not remember the time of birth or who do not have correct time of birth. In
($ 79.76)
Predictive Astrology for analysing the entire horoscope with written report & chart. In this service I analyse all the 12 houses with the nine planets to analyse & predict the present & future events
($ 66.48)
Ask any one question & get reply within 24 hours. Please do provide Date, Time & Place of Birth
($ 5.98)
This report is made after seeing the horoscope of husband and wife. So for making this report i will be needing the birth details of both the persons. Remedial measures are also recommended in the rep
($ 16.61)
My way of looking at Kundali Matching is much more than looking at Gun Milan only. If you want to get detailed analysis on horoscope matching, you can go for this reading which will provide you insigh
($ 19.15)
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