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Would there be accumulation of money in life? What is the age beyond / upto which finances would be positive? Sources of inflows of money?Astrology is a very good means of finding out different patter
($ 18.35)
($ 18.35)
You can ask 3 questions about finances(wealth and prosperity), relationships, marriage(pre-marriage or post marriage issues), your career related to job and business, progeny or any other issue which
($ 18.98)
($ 18.98)
Ask 3 questions pertaining to any one area of your life... these questions must be specific in nature. Do not ask questions like e.g. what is my career like this year? or what is my future like? Pleas
By: Yogiraj
($ 15.18)
($ 15.18)
You can ask any one question related to marriage, career, finances, relationships, love life, business etc which is nagging you and not finding the way. We will provide you the exact solution for your
($ 7.59)
($ 5.06)
You can ask 3 questions for any type of problem related to marriage, career & job, business, finances, relationships, love life etc. I will analyze the Natal Chart/ Birth Chart and will tell you what
($ 15.82)
($ 11.39)
Ask 3 Questions- Ask and it shall be answered unto you ! Seek and you shall find solutions for your problems !! Queries on Marriage, Romance, Career, Love, Money, Family, Offsprings, Education, P
($ 22.78)
($ 18.22)
Want quick answer- so get it here- The Questions will be focused on your specific query and will be replied soon. You can ask from any area of your life which is troubling you. It is very simple and
By: alkaastro
($ 5.06)
($ 3.80)
Ask any 3 questions of ONE person in any matter of your life. I shall provide the result of your query in detail with remedies. Provide me with Name, Date of birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth w
($ 15.18)
($ 15.18)
Get answer to 3 important questions which are bothering you which can be about your health, business or finance/ income, job & career, love life & relationships, travel or any aspect of life. I will b
($ 13.92)
($ 13.92)
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