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Spirituality & Religion

Spirituality & Religion

Mr. Raghvan is a well known numerologist, astrologer who has taken astrology and different streams of science of predictions as full time career.He is accredi
Mrs. Pallavi Pandey is practicing numerology for the last 13 years and has got to her credit many accurate predictions using numerology and the Vedic Astrology
Siddhartha has been reading Tarot Cards for over five years and hundreds of people have had interactive sessions with him. He brings to the millenia-old system
I am a learned vaastu expert from South India, and am well-versed in various Indian Scriptures like the Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads. My experience revolves a
Mr. Ajay Rastogi says that improper Vaastu leads to many problems in the individual's life.The relationship quotient with the family members or the spouse or t
Astrology is the science effects of the planet’s movements on people’s lives. We require correct positions of the planets to any place on earth at any given time.
Coaching and Counselling in Vedic astrology -= KP system of Astrology .
I believe tarot cards are not only a tool for predictions, but a therapy. The seeker is given options to change the negatives into positives , improving their lives.
Malati is a owner and Consultant at Guiding Auras. Being a clairvoyant and a professional Tarot, Numerologist and Vaastu consultant helping people for the last 14 years .
New Delhi based Tarot CArd reader, who belies in simplicity and keeping their clients life simple.
I have been learning tarot since 1999. I make a living by reading tarot cards. I do not guarantee the accuracy of my reading but I do have a blunt tongue which one needs to take with a pinch of salt.
I am a specialist in dealing with relationships, marriage, affairs, health, home improvement, financial developments, career developments etc.,
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