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Important Vastu Tips to Score Well in Exams

Important Vastu Tips to Score Well in Exams

As the exams get nearer, parents and teachers tend to constantly advice students for better and hard studies. When as a parents you force your student for study and tell them that if they will not do studies they will get fail, is not motivation actually when you are telling this thing to your children you are stressing them for studies. Which makes them over stressed and sometime they get Exams or studies Phobia also. It’s is very important that in exams time students get relaxed and does not feel the strain of their studies.

Do you know that Sometime Vastu Tips also affect the students mind. If you follow these Vastu tips you will definitely do good exam.

·        Remove any object which is of Red, pink, purple,orange or Green color from the West of South West zone of the house. If the walls are painted with any of these colors get them repainted to off-white.

·        Place your study table in West or South West zone and when studying face the west direction

·        In the study room always keep the books and the bag in their respective place in a neat order. Ensure that in the study room there are no broken chairs or tables. The books should not be tattered or torn.There should be no dust or untidiness. The room should always be neat and tidy and regularly dusted and wiped.

·        You should not eat on the study table. Food should be had on the dining table or in the dining space. All books and copies should be closed and kept aside. There should be no books on the dining table.

·        Studying and learning facing the East is recommended but for those going for higher studies should face North.

·        Make sure that your child is not studying sitting under a beam. If present go for a false ceiling or can be mended by interiors. Feng-Shui flute may not be effective.

·        A study lamp should be placed on the left to energize concentration.

·        To ensure success in competitive exams, it is advised to feed a cow, yellow sweets, every Thursday.

·        Before leaving for the exam, students should eat sweet curd or any sweet to ensures success.


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