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Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Kitchen is the place from where most of the vital energy and it has a direct impact on your health. So According to Vastu Shastra, The lord of Fire (Agni) prevails in south-east direction. So the kitchen should be located in the South-Eastern part of the house. If it is not possible to place the kitchen in South East, second best place is North West. Kitchen should never be placed in South West, North East and the Centre (Brahamasthana).

In diagonal plots, avoid north quadrant which has ill effects on female members. West quadrant gives average results for kitchen. The kitchen should not be placed under or above Pooja Room, Toilet or Bed Room.

Let’s discuss the directions of various items of the kitchen.

Entrance: The kitchen should not be directly placed in front of a main door. Or entry door of kitchen should be in the East North or West. The door of the kitchen should never be in any of the corners and should not face the door of the toilet. Door should open in the clockwise direction.

Cooking Stove: The gas stove should be placed in south-east corner so that the person cooking faces towards the east. If the cooking person faces west while cooking, it may lead to health problems.

CylinderIt should be placed in the South East zone.

Sink: The washbasin (sink) of the platform should be in the north-east corner as far as possible. Drinking water should be kept in North East direction. Remember that Fire and water do not go together. Vastu shastra recommends that all water fixtures like your sink and tap should not be close to your cooking equipment.

Windows: There should be two windows in the East or west facing while small ventilators should be South facing.

Storage: The storage racks should always be on the Southern and the western walls and not on the Northern and the Eastern walls.

Exhaust Fan: Should be facing East zone.

Refrigerator: The direction of Fridge should be kept in South or West direction opening in North or East. Refrigerator should not be in north-east direction.

Other Electrical Equipments: Micro Wave Oven, Mixer Grinder, Heaters etc. should be kept in the south east or south side of the kitchen. Never in north-east portion.

Geyser may be placed in North West direction. Many Vastu consultants suggest Geyser in South East but it is not good there as it contains water and the South East is for fire. So there is a contradiction here. Better to keep in North West.

Dining: If you have your dining area in thekitchen, then place your dining table in North West. Never place it inthe centre of the kitchen.

Color Scheme: The color of walls and floor should beyellow, orange, green, brown, rose, chocolate or red. However, as far aspossible, the floors should not be black in colour.

Clocks: if required in a kitchen, Shouldalways be placed on the South or South West walls.

The kitchen at night should be well cleaned and used utensils should bewashed before sleeping.

Give sacred offerings to fire from the first thing you cook. It will ensurepeace and prosperity in the house.

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