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Surya Maha Dasha - Good and Bad Effects

Surya Maha Dasha - Good and Bad Effects

Surya Mahadasha, also known as major period of Sun, is the period in one's life when the person is majorly under the influence of Sun. What is the duration of Surya Mahadasha? -- 6 Years .

Surya is considered to be a positive and powerful planet which is believed to bring potency and brilliance in the native's life. It is a potent and strong planet and is believed to be of supreme place and so on in general, it bestows the native with dominance and higher position. Natives experiencing Surya Maha Dasha are believed to attain higher positions in social life and receive enormous support from authorities, government bodies etc.

Surya Mahadasha is the period when one can expect lot of opportunities coming his way. This period is known for promoting one’s life with abundance, it also secludes one from the circle of close relations. Growth in social life will be observed although their personal lives will not do so well. This period poses fear and threat of robbery, enmity, governmental issues, fire and health disorders. In addition,Surya Mahadasha will enhance spirituality in an individual.

The Surya Dasha can be both benefic and malefic. So one can experience some benefits and some bad effects.

Results of Benefic Surya Mahadasha:

·        The planet Sun can bring money, wealth, name and fame, social status, glory, culture, education and life like a king.

·        During the beneficial Mahadasha of Sun the native will have acquisition of wealth, respect and honor from the royal people and government. The native will have great mentality and happiness.

·        The native gets blessed with son. The person enjoys all kinds of success during the Surya Mahadasha.

·        The native gets power, position, authority, political position and administrative post such as army, police and other bureaucratic authority.

·        The person having Surya Mahadasha gets numbers of apparels, agricultural products, social honour and conveyances.


Results of Malefic Surya Mahadasha:

·        An afflicted sun in the 6,8,12 houses or placed in debilitation in libra with bad aspects would prove to be very bad leading to defamation, failure, punishment from government, health troubles, heart troubles, eye troubles, loss of father or distress to father, enmity with bosses and people in high position.

·        There will always be some or the other problem with government authorities with no success or very less success in any under taken task.

·        Placement of sun in the 7th house gives problems in marriage and poses a threat of separation if afflicted. When a jataka has a weak sun he is not able to influence people in spite of having good talents and skills.


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