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Surya Mantra - Meaning and Benefit of Surya Mantra

Surya Mantra - Meaning and Benefit of Surya Mantra

Surya or Sun god is an important deity worshipped by theHindus. As the sunrise dispels that darkness of the worlds, Surya also removes the darkness of ignorance and bestows wisdom. Sun is said to be the embodiment of all knowledge. In fact, he is the Guru of Lord Hanuman. Some of the impending benefits ensuing from the chanting of Surya Mantra include long life,cure of diseases, physical and mental well-being, cure of skin diseases and improvement in vision.

A mantra is a divine combination of divine syllables or sounds which when chanted with devotion, faith and emotion call upon the concerned God or Goddess or deity and secure their divine blessings. When an individual starts chanting Mantra related to a particular deity regularly the gap between him and the concerned divine force steadily decreases. By regular use of Mantra a subtle link is formed and through this one could then obtain any desired boon within the power of the deity. A person can obtain wealth,prosperity, fame, fearlessness, success and spiritual upliftment.

Surya Mantra-

“Om Mitraya Namaha,Om Ravaye Namah

Om Suryaya Namaha, OmBhanave Namaha

Om Punshne Namaha, OmHiranya Garbhaya Namaha

Om Marichaye Namaha,Om Adityaya Namaha

Om Savitre Namaha, OmArkaya Namaha

Om Bhaskaraya Namaha”


This mantra signifies that I am saluting the friend of everyone, the radiant one, the cause of human existence, the one who illuminates the earth, the one who travels swiftly across the sky, the one who nourishes the world, the lord of dawn, the son of Aditi (cosmic mother), lord of creation, the conferrer of wisdom.


Surya Beej Mantra

Powerful Beej Mantra of Lord Surya gives positive vibrations and grace from the Lord Sun.

“Om Hraam Hreem HraumSah Suryay Namah”

Meaning: ‘I salute the Great Sun God for his Divine grace.’

Benefit: The Surya Beej mantra has the magnificent power to create a life of abundance & fame with prosperity & austerity and also has the healing powers to remove diseases and negative impacts of any nature.


Surya Gayatri Mantra

Best time to chant this most powerful Surya mantra is during eclipse of the sun and Sunday mornings at sunrise.

“Om Bhaskaray Vidmahe Martanday Dheemahi Tanah Surya Prachodayat”

Meaning: ‘Om, Let me meditate on the Sun God, Oh, maker of the day, give me higher intellect, And let Sun God illuminate my mind.’

Benefit: This liberating mantra when chanted every day with full concentration in praise of the Sun God, produces positive energy and divine blessings from the Sun God.

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