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Remedies for Surya Graha

Remedies for Surya Graha

When Surya Graha is in debilitated state in astrology chart, one needs to follow some remedies for Surya Graha to mitigate the negative influences of Surya or Sun. There are some characteristics which are associated with benefic Surya like energy, health, happiness ,confidence, opportunities etc. So the native having benefic Surya enjoys all these characteristics in one's life if Surya Graha is positively placed in astrological chart.  Sun is considered as the ruler of the planet system which helps for experiencing positive energy levels to live a successful life. 

Malefic Effects of Sun:

The malefic effects of Sun in a horoscope may cause several problems that will hamper the growth of a person. Afflicted Sun gives arrogance, wavering temperament, haughty, proud, jealous, over ambitious, irritable, angry, self-opinionated, dominating nature, extravagance, obstacles and difficulties, immoral and spiteful. When Sun is badly placed in your birth chart or is in debilitated position, it gives inauspicious results like health problems, fever, Headache, Eye troubles and problems with higher officials and politicians.

Surya Shanti for Home and Family:

If you wish Surya Shanti for your home and family, you may opt for remedial measures as are mentioned in the following paragraphs. But, before doing that, you must consult with an expert astrologer, who can tell you about what will be the best remedy suitable for you.

It is considered very effective, if you perform Sun remedies or Surya Shanti during Sundays, during any of Sun Nakshatra viz. Krittika, Purva Phalguni or Purvashada. Also, if possible, choose Sun Hora for doing Sun related remedies.

Surya Graha Shanthi Homam

•    Surya Graha Shanthi homam helps for propitiating and strengthening Sun planet in a horoscope to live a better life.
•    In addition, it gives ways for gaining more knowledge and wisdom in life.
•    People who want to sharpen their intellectual levels can choose this homam for getting desired outcomes.

Fasting for Sun Planet

Fasting is a way to purify your inner self and to ask the God for penance by keeping your soul, mind and body clean. If you wish to appease Sun, you should keep fasting on Sundays. During these fasts, you must consume only sweet food, and that too only once in whole day.

Rudraksha mala

12 Mukhi Rudraksha mala/bracelet should be worn for protection from Surya Dosha/Surya Malefic Effects. This Rudraksha represents Lord Rama, the ruler of Sun.


Best time to make donations for planet Sun is before 8:00 AM in the morning. Donation or Daan must be given to a Supatra ( a person who is suited to get this donation). For better results from Surya Graha Shanti, you can donate Jaggery, Wheat grains, Copper, Ruby gemstone, Red flowers, Khas and Mansil, Red clothes, Savatsa Cow, etc.

Mantra for Surya Remedies

Aum hram hrim hraum sah suryaya namah

There are so many other mantras. We chant Vedic Surya mantra which should be learned from Guru. The count of Mantra chanting is 6000. Mantra chanting is a temporary remedy which helps to reduce negative effects of planets for some time..like 3, 4 years based on Dosha we have.

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