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Significance and Effects of Chandra Graha

Significance and Effects of Chandra Graha

Chandra or Moon is associated with the functionality of mind and is typically known for providing calmness and meditative effect. It is believed that the moon controls the power of mind and versatility. It is also believed to provide power of meditation, concentration and resistance against cold diseases. The Moon in Vedic astrology is called CHANDRA. In Sanskrit CHANDRA means "bright and shining". The Moon is also called SOMA, named after the intoxicating sacred drink used in Vedic sacrifice. Where all westerners know their Sun-sign, you will find all Hindus know their Moon sign, for the Moon, and its birth sign are important in Hindu culture and astrology.

What does Chandra represent?

Chandra represents our Emotions, Happiness, Mother,Sturdiness, Fragrance, Wife, Lover, Silver, Pearl, White color, Travels, as well as our Will power. Chandra also controls the white portion of our blood.

Weak Chandra Effects:

A person with a weak Chandra can suffer from diseases of Chest, lung infections, tuberculosis, blood related problems, mental problems as well as depression and diseases related to digestive system like diarrhea,dysentery, etc. On the other hand, a person having an afflicted Chandra(Chandra in enemy sign like Capricorn, Aquarius, Chandra in its Debilitation sign Scorpion, Chandra with malefic like Saturn or Rahu) his horoscope is always prone to harbor Negative Thoughts in his Mind, he is unable to adjust even with his close friends and family members and is never able to achieve success in his life which is full of miseries due to his own deeds resulting out of a Weak/ Afflicted Chandra.

Benefic Chandra Effects:

When Chandra is beneficial, it gives High Position in Public Life, Good Family life, Courtesy, Amiable Nature, Easy going and Pleasing Personality, Timidness, Magnetism, Desire for wealth and worldly things,Interest for psychic subjects and taste for all delicious fruits.

CHANDRA (MOON) is a lovable God-a loving god. Pleasing to children as well as elders universally appealing to everyone whatever may be the religion of the onlooker. Sages and devotees invoke the Goddess Mother in Chandra and meditate for hours. This graha (Moon) causes nightfall strengthens the mind, purifies the blood and is considered as the mother who radiates nectar (Amrut). Worship of this graha is said to be beneficial for relief from all sorrows, helps in curing mental afflictions etc. His cool rays radiate happiness around. He adores the head of Lord Siva.

Combinations of planets with Moon can give the following effects on profession

Sun-Moon - mechanic, sculptor.

Moon-Mars - sale of drinks, pots etc

Moon-Mercury - eloquent in speech, expert in interpretation,astrologer.

Moon-Jupiter - auspicious Guru-Chandra yoga, foremost in family, wealthy.

Moon-Venus - expert in cloth work, petrol, scents, scented oil, milk, music, paints.

Moon-Saturn - kerosene, digger of wells.

Moon-Rahu - poisonous articles

Sun-Moon-Mars - mechanical engineer a great officer, factory manager

Sun-Moon-Mercury - government press, (Sun government,Mars--Machine, Mercury--printing)

government engineer, government contractor

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