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Effects and Remedies of Chandra Grahan

Effects and Remedies of Chandra Grahan

Chandra Grahan or lunar eclipse is a spectacular event in astronomy. In Hinduism, Chandra Grahan is considered an inauspicious event and the Shastras advise to consider this as a ‘Sutak’ period when certain recompenses are advised and certain acts are prohibited. The effects of the Chandra Grahan differ from eclipse to eclipse depending on the other astrological conditions surrounding the event. Also, the effects of the eclipse on different zodiac signs vary from favourable to unfavourable and from mild to intense.

A lunar eclipse occurs only when the moon is in a perpendicular direction behind the earth so that the earth’s shadow falls on the moon. It can be said that lunar eclipse takes place when the Sun, earth,and Moon is in a straight line. A lunar eclipse takes place on the full moon or Poornima tithi. The eclipse takes place for a few hours and its effects could be positive or negative on different people. If the effect is going to be positive for some zodiacs then there is not much to consider. However, if the negative effect of the lunar eclipse is foreseen, then the special emphasis is given towards bathing in rivers, doing enough charity, and also towards chanting holy mantras as per one’s capacity. This is because it will help the individual to reduce the malefic effect of the eclipse on his life and he avoids diseases, miseries, and difficulties arising from the negative effects of the eclipse.

Dos and don’ts during the Chandra Grahan
It is believed that Chandra Grahan has an impact on the human body system –physically and psychologically. There are several beliefs and practices related to lunar eclipse. Here we list a few:

·        One should avoid eating food and drinking water during the eclipse.

·        One should avoid travelling during the eclipse.

·        Pregnant women are advised staying indoors to avoid ill-effects on the baby.

·        It is advised to chant ‘Mahamrityunjaya Mantra’during the eclipse. 

The Best Remedies of Chandra Grahan

Vedic Puranas says that the Moon (Chandra) is directly proportional to energy, power, emotions, sentiments and dreams. If you have problems with the blood moon (Chandra) in your horoscope, it is recommended to be little alert with the possible dangers or difficulties at the time of Chandra-Grahan.

·        Worshipping divinities and performing various poojas in the course of Chandra Grahan are beneficial.

·        One should recite Shiva Jaap, Mrityunjay Jaap,Hari-Om Mantra, Om Namah Shivah Jaap, Durga mantra and chant Ganesha mantra for the betterment during Chandra Grahan.

·        As per Scientists: Some toxic substances and gases are produced throughout the time of Chandra Grahan or Blood Moon Eclipse and somehow it turns the food taken as meals in your stomach into venom or poison (symbolic) which consequently affects and results in detrimental symptoms and unhealthy outcomes. Therefore avoiding meals in the Lunar Eclipse is considered essential for the human body.

·        If you have serious health hindrances, it is suggested to conduct Rog Nirvana Puja in Blood Moon Eclipse.

·        To get name, fame, opulence and prosperity, one should worship Anusthan in Blood Moon Eclipse.

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