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Chandra Mantras for Gaining Prosperity and Health

Chandra Mantras for Gaining Prosperity and Health

The moon, a celestial body is known as the Chandra. In Sanskrit, Chandra means bright and shining. Astrologically, the moon is known to have a major impact on one’s psyche, emotions, and moods. Also, as per Hindu Vedic astrology, we follow the lunar calendar and go by the moon sign, unlike western astrology that uses sun signs.

In astrology, the Moon rules the zodiac sign of Cancer. The sign of exaltation of the Moon is Taurus and the sign of debilitation of the Moon is Scorpio.

Lord Chandra (Moon) is also indicative of venereal diseases, jaundice, asthama, bronchitis, psychiatric problems and diseases relating to nerves, uterus, bladder, breast, ovaries and organs of procreation this Mantra for recovery from or warding off these physical problems. For the persons born in Cancer ascendant and Cancer Rashi (Moon sign), this Mantra is recommended at regular intervals. It is always recommended for the persons, who are passing through adverse Dasa/ transit of Lord Chandra.



Chanting of this mantra should be done for 11,00 times during evening time.

Beeja mantra

“Om shraam shreem shraum sah Chandramasay namah”
"Om Shrim Som Somaya Namah"

Puranik Mantra

“Om som Somaaya namah”
(Om, I bow to the Lord Moon)

Chandra Mantra

Dadhi sankha tushaaraabham kshiirodaarnasambhavam
Namaami shashinam somam shambhormukuta bhushanam
Om candraaya namah 

Chandra gayatrimantra

Omm kshiira putraaya vidmahe

Amrita tattvaaja dhiimahi

Tanno chandrah prachodayaat

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