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Planetary Combinations That Cause Delay in Marriage

Planetary Combinations That Cause Delay in Marriage

Marriage is the part of life which is necessary for normal living. The Marriage custom gives plurality and completeness to males and females. The commonest problems in marriage is actually "not being able to find the right match" and be delayed for marriage. A horoscope may well tell this problem through afflictions caused by the planets. Also, performing specific solutions to such problem, they can be solved.

Marriage is one among the most important step in the journey of life and Vedic astrology covers the in depth knowledge of almost all its aspects. Venus is the significant place when male wedding is concerned whereas Jupiter is the most significant planet when female wedding is concerned. Saturn plays chief role in delaying marriage. The astrological analysis to delayed marriage is shown below:

Planet and house both are responsible behind this. Among all planets any malefic planet can cause a delay in marriage like – sun, Saturn,mars, Rahu and ketu. Among all houses, an influence of 8th and 12th houses play very important role in deciding delay in marriage.

In late marriage matter Saturn and rahu both of them play the main role and sun play the secondary role.

·        Planets in the 7th House - The placement of Sun in the 7th house indicates delay in marriage and a troubled marriage. The native may not be firm on his principles.In some cases the wife may not have loyalty towards the husband. Placement of Saturn in the 7th house indicates late marriage or more than one marriage. In this case, a person may get married to a widow, divorcee or someone elder in age. Mars in the 7th house is also not a healthy sign for a timely marriage because it indicates strong Manglik effect. Such people should marry after 28 years of age.

·        Saturn: The cause of Delay - When Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Mars are placed in the seventh house of marriage gets delayed. Rahu and Ketu also have the same effect of causing a delay in marriage.

·        If Saturn is either in 1st, 3rd, 5th,7th , 10th from Lagna or Moon sign and if Saturn does not have beneficial houses.

·        If Mars and Venus combine in 5th , 7th or 9th house, but receive evil aspect from Jupiter.

·        If the 7th lord and Jupiter are aspected by Saturn.

·        Malefics in either side of 7th house also cause delays in marriage in this case 7th house comes under papkirti yoga.

·        When 7th lord is posited in 6th, 2nd and 12th from 7th house, girl’s marriage is delayed. This is a powerful yoga for delayed marriage and is further strengthened when malefic associates with 7th lord orin the 7th house.

·        If both Sun and Moon stay in the navamsa of Saturn, and Venus has also the influence of Saturn in Navamsa, there will be many obstructions to have marriage.

·        If the Sun and Saturn are adversely posited in the lagna or the 7th house or vice versa, the marriage will be delayed for many years; marriage may be denied if both planets Sun and Saturn are at in mutually 7th house . Same type of delay occurs if Saturn and Moon are conjunct or stayin mutually 7th houses. Then the chance for absolute denial of marriage is less.

·        If Rahu is in the 7th house with two malefics, the marriage is obstructed.Even retrograde planets like Jupiter,Venus and Mercury in 7th house can cause delays or obstacles in the marriage.

·        If the 6th, 7th or 12th house lord is placed in the 7th house or aspect the 7th house it indicates delay in the happiness of married life.

·        If the 5th house lord and 7th house lord mutually aspect each other and are in conjunction with the malefic planets the marriage will be delayed due to some opposition. But if the 5th or 7th lord are in own house or exalted then the marriage won’t be delayed.

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