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Remedies for Early Marriage for Daughter

Remedies for Early Marriage for Daughter

Daughter's marriage is something which keeps the parents worried. Sometimes the marriage of the daughter gets delayed because of delay in finding the right groom and other reasons which are not within control of anybody. This delay in marriage can be attributed to many factors and one very important factor is the placement of planets within the birth chart which cause the delay.  If the marriage is getting delayed,then in that case one can try to follow the principles laid out in Vedic astrology for the early marriage remedies.

There is no need to be upset about it. All you need to do is follow some instant religious remedies and you’ll be able to settle your daughter very soon. So here is the list of some of the remedies which if followed upon can generate good results .

Remedies for Early Marriage 

1.  Fasting on 16 consecutive Mondays is considered to be a very strong remedy for removing the bottlenecks in getting married. So if you are facing this problem, you can try this remedy. Now along with this,you should offer prayers to Lord Shiva and Maa Parvathi. As you know that Monday is a day which is devoted to Lord Shiva, so offering prayers to Lord Shiva along with Maa Parvathi on Monday will bless you. 

2.  Offering green grass to cow is considered to be one of the remedial measures for early marriage of daughter. In Hinduism,  Buddhism and many more communities, Cow is considered to be sacred and symbolically denotes "Earth". It is also acknowledged as the mother all animals. Even Lord Krishna is known as protector of cow. Cow's soul is considered to be the abode of all  God & Goddesses.  Worshiping a cow daily is equivalent to worshiping 33 cores Hindu Gods.  Worshiping cow and offering feed to cow can mitigate the negative impact of not so good placed planets within your horoscope.

2.      On Thursday the girl whose marriage is getting delayed should keep (1) seven supari (2) seven pieces of haldi (3) seven Janeue (4) seven yellow flowers (5) seven pieces of gur (6)seventy grams chane ki daal (7) seventy centimeter yellow cloth (8) seven yellow coins or seven brass pieces. Offer and pray to Maha Gauri and put the packets in your house. After marriage, float the pack in water. 

3.   The “Sundar Kand”of the Ramayana, should be recited by the girl wanting to get married early everyday for 21 days, facing North direction with a photo of Sri Hanuman giving ring of Lord Rama to Maa Sita. This will ensure that all the obstacles to the marriage are removed as the earliest and marriage proposals are accepted with ease and quickly. The recitation of Sunder Kand should be started on a Friday of a Waxing Moon.

4.   Rise early in the morning on Friday and feed gur (jaggery), bread and wet gram pulses to a cow. Take 5 pieces of while turmeric buds and flow it in a river or nearby pond water. Both the remedies mentioned above should be repeated for continuous 5 Fridays. The marriage times will descend sooner than later.

5.   Worship the photo of ‘Ma Bhagwati’ daily with a strict routine,

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