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Unfavourable Planetary Yogas for Married Life

Unfavourable Planetary Yogas for Married Life

Vedic astrology talks about many yogas. Some yogas are auspicious and some are inauspicious. It is important to determine the period when these yogas gives results and how they affect the life of the native. This analysis is useful in determining and pacifying the i-effects of some yogas that are likely to give bad or highly inauspicious results. The results of these yogas are determined on the basis of transits, dasha and position of planets in the kundli. In this pose we will learn about Arishta yoga in a horoscope.

Planets have a crucial role in couple’s nuptial life. The 7th house is believed to be the house of life partner and marriages as per astrology.If any evil planet is placed in this house then it may be the reason behind late marriage. Even it may lessen the possibility of love and compatibility after marriages. Apart from this a few malefic planetary yogas are there which can create complications in family life.

Family life of a person does not go well if; lord of the seventh house combines with several other planets in any house, or there’s a presence of inauspicious planets in the twelfth house from it or if any malefic planet aspects the seventh house.

Person who has these planetary yogas in his kundli should avoid such circumstances by respecting each others’ values and thoughts and should be devoted towards their spouse. If seventh house or the Ascendant contains more than one auspicious planets or aspects of the same then it there may be some painful circumstances for the life-partner.

A weak planetary placement or position of Venus and Mars in the same house of a native’s kundli brings problems and disturbances in native’s conjugal life. Owing to this union the relationship between husband and wife will remain unstable.

As per principles of astrology, weak placement of planets at the time of Maha Dasha of the Venus is the main cause behind the lack of nuptial understanding between the pairs. Ketu, Mars and exalted Venus in Kendra house forms mismatched pairs.

People who have these planetary yogas in their kundli must not allow this kind of situations by respecting each-other. They have to respect thoughts and values of each-other too. They must be devoted to their better-half. If the ascendant or 7th house possesses more than one favourable planets or influences of the same then there will be some hurting situations for the better-half.

Rahu-Ketu creates doubt and vagary in marital life. One does unnecessary doubt when Rahu-Ketu creates problems. At times, life partner goesaway from each other. There would be separation between life partners. In thiscase, one should worship lord Vishnu. Put Kush in bathing water. Do not eatsweet products on Saturdays.

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