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Remedies of Guru Chandal Yog or Dosh

Remedies of Guru Chandal Yog or Dosh

There are many scary planetary affliction (graha dosh) that happens in the birth chart. Guru Chandal Yoga is one of them. The combination of Jupiter (Guru) and Rahu is notoriously known as Guru Chandal Dosh.

What is Guru Chandal yoga? 

Yoga formed, when Jupiter is in conjunction with or is aspected by Rahu or Ketu. The qualities of Jupiter and Rahu get mixed together and create an impact in the life of the individual. It makes the individual depraved and inclined to immoral and unethical behavior. The good or bad results will depend on whether Jupiter is a benefic / malefic in the birth chart. It will give results based on which house the yoga occurs. Planets associated with or aspecting this combination also modify the results. 

The native is prone to act immorally and perform many misdeeds. However the results are not as frightening as they are made out to be. Different results are obtained for the combination in different houses however if benefic planets are present with this combination or this combination is aspected by benefic planets the results are auspicious as the inauspiciousness decreases.

Effects of Guru Chandal Dosh 

·        The native suffers from colic pains or he may suffer from the injuries near the naval. These injuries are likely to give lifelong scars.

·        Loss of self respect and rectitude

·        The native will lose his reputation and increase the chances of imprisonment

·        The native will suffer financial crises

·        The person will face severe problems in terms of mental health, financial Loss, family arguments, worries etc.

·        The native will face problems in education and career

·        The native will face hurdles in retaining property and wealth

·        The native will have a negative thinking and through this, decisions taken might have an adverse effect in their life

·        The person will face mental and health instability

·        The person will not be able to focus and concentrate on one thing 

Remedies for Guru Chandal Yoga

There are different kinds remedial measures available according to the Vedic scripture. Here, I am sharing some of the remedial measures that can heal the negative influence of Guru Chandal Yoga.

·        Get the Chandal Yoga Nivaran puja performed by any wise Pundit.

·        Worshiping Lord Vishnu can alleviate the negative influence of the Guru Chandal Yoga.

·        The use of Do Mukhi Rudraksha (2 facedRudraksha) mala can help neutralizing the negativity of the Rahu, Ketu and Guru.

·        The native can perform Havan for the planet Jupiter to neutralize the malefic influence.

·        One can worship Lord Ganesh regularly to neutralize the evil effect of the Guru Chandal Dosh.

·        The native can wear Yellow Sapphire with gold.However, one should consult an astrologer before wearing Yellow Sapphire.

·        Pay respect to the parents, parents-in-law,elderly people, teacher, saints and Guru etc.

·        Donating Yellow Color goods and dresses, honey and turmeric to the teachers and Brahmins can help neutralizing the negative influence of the Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu.

·        The native should feed birds and animals.

·        The native can worship Goddess Bagalamukhi regularly.

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