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Vedic Remedies for Malefic Planets

Vedic Remedies for Malefic Planets

Planets in your horoscope have a role to play – to bring you the fruits of your karma. They influence the good and bad moments you experience in life. These experiences are instrumental towards your evolution and better understanding of your true self.

Appreciating the role of the planets and connecting with their energies helps you stimulate and structure your internal energy centers.However, there are times when the disturbing energies of the planets make things extremely difficult for you. This is when you need to take remedial measures to pacify them to reduce their intensities.

According to Vedic Astrology all Grahas are divided into two classes: auspicious planets and inauspicious planets. Auspicious planets give us auspicious results. They are Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. Inauspicious planets give bad results to the native. They are Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. We often think that why they are called inauspicious planets even though sometimes they give good results.

Remedies for Sun:Before starting any new work or before leaving home, drink a glass of water mixed with sugar. Avoid meat and stick to vegetarian meal. Feed black cow and monkey whenever possible. If you cook, then put off the stove flame using milk.Pet a dog at home and take blessing of your mother every day. Do not accept anygift for free of cost from anyone, except from parents. Donate dark red or ruby colored clothes.

Remedies for Moon: Never argue with your Mother or do anything against her wish. Feed Birds and never cage them at home. Never do a diary business and buy sweets for Young Kinds(female). If you are having frequent nightmares, keep a glass filled with Milkon a Table besides your head before sleep and next morning pour that milk to the root of any huge tree (Preferably holy tree). Alternative method is to keep a Crystal below your pillow while sleeping and switch off the Television,Mobile Phone, and Computer Etc for at least an hour before sleep.

Remedies for Mars: Donate sweets to Temple nearby. Grow a Neem tree in your backyard. Feed cows when possible. Always carry a Red colour handkerchief or napkin. Try to live in Joint or big Families. Stay away from physically handicapped people. Try to visit a holy place frequently.

Remedies for Mercury:Clean your teeth and tongue at least twice a day. Wash new clothes before wearing them for first time. Donate milk and rice to any temple. Grow pet dogs at home. Become a strict vegetarian and quit alcohol. Try to feed crows everyday before you eat. Drink water through silver glass every day. Feed wet green grams to birds.

Remedies for Jupiter: Applying turmeric powder or sandalwood blend on your forehead is an effective remedy to soothe Jupiter. Another possible remedy for Jupiter is to offer bananas and sweets to elderly people and foundlings. You should avoid bathing in at places such as ocean, river etc.

Remedies for Venus:You should avoid taking gifts from others or anything for free. Offering sweets to widowed women or little girls is also a powerful remedy for Venus. If you donate pure cow ghee to any religious place and start using it regularly in your own kitchen, it really helps to calm down Venus’ effects. You could also light a camphor lamp daily in the evening inside house to eliminate the negativity.

Remedies for Saturn: Brushing your teeth with toothpaste that includes Nim tree as an ingredient is an effective remedy for Saturn. Natives having a malefic Saturn in horoscope should also donate shoes to beggars and homeless individuals. Following a Vegetarian diet and avoiding alcohol is also a potent remedy for Saturn. You should also stay away from lying and cheating. Indulgence in any legal matters should be avoided too.

Remedies for Rahu: Always wear a cap or turban (preferably dark blue color). Try to live in joint family with parents. Feed birds. Gift anything made of copper to lover. If Rahu is causing trouble in marital life, keep 5 radishes besides pillow of your spouse before sleeping and next morning throw them in any river or flowing water. Always drink water from silver glass.

Remedies for Ketu: Donate sweet food to orphans. If male kid is causing trouble, dip your right thumb in warm milk and suck it for few times in a day. Never wear red color clothes or red coral based ornaments. Throw yellow colored lemons in river.Always keep a silver pot filled with honey in your kitchen.

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