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Importance of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

Importance of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

Maha mrityunjaya Mantra is one of the oldest and most significant Mantras in Indian mythology and spirituality. The Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap addresses Lord Shiva. When this Maha Mrityunjaya hymn or mantra is recited in a rapid rhythmic note with complete devotion, it transforms into a very powerful instrument to manifest one’s desires or heart-felt wishes. Vibrations out of chanting this mantra generate a powerful energy that mitigates all obstacles,negative vibrations and evil conditions from human mind and life situations. On simple translation, “Maha Mrityunjaya” means the great hymn on victory over death.

The Maha MrityunjayaMantra

Om Hraum Jum Sah

Om Bhurbhuva Svah

Om Trayambakam Yajamahe,

Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam,

Urvarukmiv Bandhanat,

Mrityurmokshaya Mamratat.

Om Svah Bhuvah Bhur

Om Sah Jum Hraum Om

Meaning of this mantra:

This hymn is chanted with the primordial (seed mantra) sound “OM” – the God sound that opens all channels of one’s physical body and psychic mind to receive divine energies. The words in the first line are an intimate clarion call to Shiva, the Supreme Being with three eyes (tryambaka), through complete devotion and surrender (yajamahe). Supreme Being is invoked as the beautiful, fragrant and glorious being (sugandhi), who nourishes humans with divine power and energy. You may also call upon your favorite deity to empower you manifold or fulfill your wishes.

Just like a cucumber or melon (urvarukam) detaches all its ties (bandhanan) with the vine, the Supreme Being can liberate one from the cycles of repeated death and birth and make one immortal. A soul, whose all wishes are fulfilled, is never reborn. This mantra is a call to the divine forces to fulfill all desires of present life and liberate the soul from being caught in the process of reincarnation on earth.

While chanting the mantra, become one with its words –visualize your God as the effulgent and noble being with complete devotion. And then, see him or her enlightening you by showering divine energies. As you dissolve your ego with these words, the beauty of the words makes a very powerful impression on your mind.

Importance of Mahamrityunjaya mantra

·        If you have Maas, gochara, dashaantardasha, or any other kind of problem in your kundli, this mantra will help you get rid of it.

·        If you are suffering from any diseases or ailments, this mantra will help. It also helps in prolonging life and if you recite this mantra with utmost sincerity and faith, it can prevent untimely death or postpone death for a certain period.

·        Chanting of this mantra helps in situations of familial discord, division of property and also in the event of people dying due to an epidemic.

·        If you are undergoing some financial troubles or suffering losses in business, chanting of this mantra will benefit you.

·        This mantra has healing powers; it is believed that chanting of this mantra creates divine vibrations that heal and help remove the fear associated with death, thereby liberating you from the death and rebirth cycle. Hence, it is also called the moksha mantra.


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