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Shukra Mantras and Meanings

Shukra Mantras and Meanings

Shukra or Venus is the second planet from the sun next to Mercury. Since it is near to Sun, it is one of the hottest planets of the solar system. Astrology equates this planet with Shukra or Shukracharya, the preceptor of the demons. Therefore, some of the characteristics of Venus or Shukra are luxury and materialistic comforts.

In astrology, Venus is also the natural significator of spouse, happiness, sexual sciences, poetry, flowers, youth, ornaments, silver,vehicles, luxuries and different forms of emotions among other things. Venus primarily signifies beauty and hence it promotes beauty-related ventures.

As based on the horoscope the malefic or benefic effect of the planet Venus is determined in relation to a person astrologically and not merely on the basis of exaltation or debilitation because under certain conditions even a debilitated Venus can give beneficial effects whereas based on its position and degrees in the horoscope even an exalted Venus can sometimes give malefic effects.

Shukra Gayatri mantra 

“Om Rajadabaaya vidmahe, Brigusuthaya dhimahi, tanno sukrahprachodayat.”

Meaning: I bow down in front of Lord Shukra who is the descendant of Sage Bhrigu and the one who is mounted on a white horse. Let his blessings illumine my consciousness and enlighten my being.  

Shukra Beej mantra

“Om Shum Shukraya Namah”

Meaning: This Shukra beej mantra is made of seed sound representing planet Venus. 

Powerful Shukra beejmantra

“Om Draamg Dreeng Droung Sah Shukray Namah”

Meaning: I perceive Lord Shuka in these universal sounds. Let the Lord of planet Venus illumine my intellect.


Shukra gayatri mantra

”Om aswadhwajaaya vidmahae Dhanur hastaaya dheemahi

Tanno shukra: prachodayaat.” 

Meaning: I bow down to Lord Shukra who has a flag staff of horse and carries a bow in his hand. Let the Lord illumine my intellect and add more light to my path. Gayatri mantras are known to protect the chanters. Shukra gayatri mantra can help win the divine protection from the planet Venus for all aspects of life. 

Chanting Method forShukra Mantra:-

There is a particular procedure for chanting Shukra Mantra if possible. You need to buy the Shukra Yantra from the shop. Near the puja altar, make a rangoli with sandal powder. Spread a white cloth on that and place the yantra. Decorate it with sandal paste, turmeric and vermilion. Offer some flowers. Light a lamp and incense sticks. Be seated in front of the set upon a mat and start chanting associated with the rolling of the rosary if possible.


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