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Budha Grah Mantra Benefits

Budha Grah Mantra Benefits

Each Mantra in Hinduism has a distinct significance. They have healing powers and the capacity to help us overcome fear, improve confidence, attract wealth, heal from illness etc.

Mercury or Budh grah, called the Prince of Planets, is the planet of communication. It represents fields related to trade, accounts,banking and commerce. A dual natured planet, it governs with Gemini and Virgo.Our arms, ear, lungs and nervous system are ruled by Budh.

Based on the position of planet Budh in your horoscope, you may chant Budh Mantra. Chanting of Mantra with pure heart will calm down negative effects of planet Budh, keep evil away from your life and improve health and wealth. 

Budha Beeja mantra

'Om bram breem broum sah Budhaya namah'

'Om bum budhaaya namah'

Budha Gayatri Mantra

'Om Gajadhwajaaya Vidmahae
Sukha Hastaaya Dheemahi
Tanno Budha Prachodayaat'.

Budha Navagraha Mantra

'Priyam gukalikaashyaamam Rupenaam prathimam Budham
Saumyam Saumya gunorpetham tham Budham pranamaamyaham'.

Best time to chant

The best time to chant the Budh Grah Mantra is the early morning after taking a bath and during sunset on Wednesdays. If you want to obtain the maximum benefits of the mantra, you should have a complete understanding of the Budh Grah Mantra. You must sit with your back straight and try to pronounce the mantra correctly if you want the mantra to have a positive effect on your life. You must chant the mantra 11 or 108 times while facing the north-east direction.

Many people recommend wearing green coloured clothes wheny ou are chanting the Budh Grah Mantra. Any one of these ill effects or doshas can be taken care of by performing rituals and offering prayers. You should ensure that before you sit down to chant the mantra, you should clear your mind of any impure thoughts, and only with clear intentions and full belief, begin chanting.

Benefits of Budh Grah Mantra

It has been observed that chanting Budh Grah Mantra regularly helps improve intellect, communications skills, and even builds strong relationships. The mantra also has a positive effect on our health as it helps us maintain blood sugar and pressure levels. Budh Grah Mantra gives us peace of mind and keeps away the evil. Even students who are worried about their results and lack of concentration can chant the Budh Grah Mantra as it builds your ability to focus.

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