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Mantras To Get Rid Of Depression

Mantras To Get Rid Of Depression

One of the biggest challenges we face today is depression. So many people feel overwhelmed, over-worked, and chronically tired. The leading cause of depression is stress. Stress caused by the elements of our modern world: information overload, constant stimulation,and rapid change. The body’s natural response to stress is to calm or ‘depress’the nerves. If left unmanaged, this depression slows down our body’s digestive and immune systems and causes fluctuations in our moods and decreases our motivation. Depression also effects us in an energetic way:it weakens our aura and the electromagnetic field around the heart,leaving us susceptible to toxic behaviors and environments.

The fastest way for a person to re-connect with their soul is to breathe and chant. By chanting mantras you regulate your breath,restore your prana, and build your radiant body. Through mantra, you elevate your being and reconnect with your life’s purpose, and your own soul.

Sankat Nashan Ganesha Stotram

Ganesha is the remover of all obstacles. He blesses his devotees by giving them good fortune and happiness. Ganesha is also called 'Sankat Nashak' or 'Sankat Mochak' - the one who destroys problems or rescues us from troubles. Chant the Sankat Nashak Ganesha Stotram to usher in happiness and peace of mind.

Pranamya shirasa devam Gauri putram Vinayakam|
Bhakthavasam smaretrityamayuh kama arthasidhaye||

Prathamam Vakratundam cha, Ekadantamdwitiyakam|
Tritiyam Krushna Pingaksham,GajavaktramChaturthakam||

Lambodaram Panchamam cha ,Sashtam Vikatamevcha|
Saptamam Vignarajam cha,Dhoomravarnamtathashtamam||

Navamam Bhalchandram cha, Dashamam tuVinayakam|
Ekadasham Ganapatim, Dwadasham tu Gajananam||

Dwadasaithani namani,Trisandhyam yah pathenara|
Na cha vighna bhayam tasya,Sarvsiddhi karamparam||

Vidhyarthi labhate Vidhyam,Danarthi labhateDhanam|
Putrarthi labhate Putran,Moksharthi labhateGateem||

Japet Ganapati stotram,Shadbhirmasai phalamlabheth|
Samvatsarena sidhim cha,Labhate natrasanshaya||

Ashtabhyo Brahmoyashr Likihitwa yh samarpayet|
Tasya Vidhya bhavetsarva GaneshasyaPrasadatah||



Har Har Waheguru: The Creator is bliss, Great is the Guru. It restores balance and begins healing as well as helps cure phobias.I didn’t even know that was the purpose of the mantra when I first heard it but my soul knew that I needed it. I needed this mantra to help me believe in myself and my own ability to find bliss.

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo: I bow to the subtle divine wisdom. I bow to the divine teacher within. This is my mantra for days where I feel lost. It doesn’t always help me “find” myself but it helps me to be okay with not knowing where I am because I know it’s a growing pain and that the feeling of not knowing will resolve itself to wisdom eventually.

Narasimha Mantra

When it comes to removing depression, there is perhaps no better mantra than the Narasimha Mantra. It is said that the Narasimha Mantra helps clear the minds of the depression in no time. It is advised that the depressed person should chant the Mantra 108 times for 48 days without fail.Have a copper pot filled with water in front of you while you chant this Mantra. Once you have finished chanting it 108 times, drink the water to fill your being with positivity.

Ugram viram maha-vishnum jvalantam sarvato mukham|

Nrisimham bhishanam bhadram mrityur mrityum namamy aham||

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